RegeneratıonEco-frıendly Manufacturıng


production technologies

YUCEL A.S. has been manufacturing using 'Environmentally Friendly Production Technologies' since its establishment in 2002. It has made its response to environmental health through its environmental health R&D studies, an experienced technical team, projects for new system standards, and its production in ISO-9001 quality standards. It is committed to improve its processes to be environmentally friendly.


%100 recyclable

It is important to underline the fact that plastics can be 100% recyclable. They have the least energy consuming raw material in production and recycling stages, and are one of the most environmentally friendly products in the world.



Our city, Gaziantep, is Turkey's center of plastic industry. We are able to collect leftovers of carpet, non-woven, polybag, and textile wastes. Materials are regrinded and granulated by adding necessary additives. New products are produced in accordance with European standards EN581-1, 581-2 and 581 -3. The exact same quality product is obtained from the product produced with the virgin raw material. Our secret is regenerating only raw materials that contains 100% PP that does not contain any harmful or toxic materials. The regenerated material preserves its chemical structure completely since it is not exposed to sunlight.



Recycling enables us to invest in the future and the world by protecting our natural resources, reducing oil consumption, saving energy and reducing the amount of waste that may go back to nature.

Nature : Future!

Yes! Our policy is exactly about this. We take care and protect the Nature to leave habitable environment to the future generations.

Alaska Set

Alaska Set is a stackable, monobloc gas injection made of 100% Polypropylene. It has our own design, a wide rattan pattern. It has a comfortable seating and most importantly suitable for Contract use.


Mila XL Chair

Mila is produced from a mixture of Polypropylene and Glass Fiber through a gas injection system, it is stackable and resistant to all weather conditions, and contains UV and AO additives. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use.